Lockdown 3.0

With effect from midnight on the 30th of July 2020, the Greater Gaborone area, in which our Firm operates was placed into lockdown. As a consequence, movement restrictions have been put into place in order to reduce and curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As a Firm, we had already made contingency plans for any possible future lockdowns in Botswana and are therefore able to continue serving our clients. In order to assist the Government in its efforts, and to minimise interruptions to serving our clients’ needs, we have ensured that all our attorneys are set up and enabled to work remotely and/or from home.

All of our attorneys will be able to be contacted by e-mail or mobile phone, the details of which appear below:

John Carr-Hartley (Litigation)  – john@armstrongs.bw and 71302469
Sipho Ziga (Commercial) –sipho@armstrongs.bw and 72104483
Moemedi Tafa (Litigation)  –moemedi@armstrongs.bw and 71451804

Litigation Department
Steve Rankwane – steve@armstrongs.bw and 71844489
Shatani Majingo – shatani@armstrongs.bw and 71438877
Craig Mosetlha – craig@armstrongs.bw and 71988041
Rita Keevil – rita@armstrongs.bw and 71301308

Commercial Department
Simon Bathusi – simon@armstrongs.bw and 74026344
Ada Mgadla – ada@armstrongs.bw and 76043491
Kaelo Taupedi – kaelo@armstrongs.bw and 75943307
Kgosi Mophuting – kgosi@armstrongs.bw and 77718537
Thabita Mongwa – thabita@armstrongs.bw and 74002570

Accounts & Finance Manager
Tracy Carr-Hartley – tracy@armstrongs.bw and 71302470

Where necessary, we will also be able to arrange digital meetings on platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Whatsapp or the like.

We thank you for your continued support.
We are ready to assist you in these trying times.
Be safe, and together we will prevail.

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