Dear Armstrongs Client,

Following the announcement of the easing of the lockdown restrictions, we are pleased to advise that Armstrongs’ offices are open again but with a limited staff compliment.

We are therefore (subject to what appears below) more easily available to assist you, and once again have access to all of our files.

Notwithstanding that legal services is an essential service, Armstrongs had (and has) an obligation to its staff and clients to endeavour to ensure that there are no further infections in Botswana and/or to prevent or limit the spread of infections. In fact, this obligation becomes more stringent and applicable as the Government eases the lockdown which will inevitably result in increased infection risks.

Consequently, we have implemented the following measures when we reopened our offices, namely:

  • Our offices have been completely disinfected and fogged by a professional cleaning company.
  • No person may enter the offices without a face mask or other appropriate facial covering which covers both the nose and mouth of the person.
  • Before entering the offices staff, clients and visitors will be required to sanitise their hands with sanitiser provided by us.
  • All staff, clients or visitors to the offices will be required to have their temperature taken, which shall be recorded.
  • The following information will be recorded in a Register:
    • the temperature of each member of staff on a daily basis;
    • the temperature of all clients or visitors to the offices, together with all of their contact details including cellular number, identity number, physical address, place of employment and any notable travel information.
  • The appropriate social distancing (two meters) must be observed.
  • The social distance marker at the Reception Area (at least two meters away from the Reception Desk) is to be observed at all times by all clients or visitors to Armstrongs.
  • Consultations should be held (insofar as may be possible) telephonically or on a digital platform. Where there is a need for a face-to-face consultation, no more than two people may be in a consultation room together and must be seated at opposite ends of the table.
  • For greater numbers, the War Room (large board room with high sitting-capacity) must be used, but no person will be allowed to occupy a seat next to another person, that is, there must be an empty seat between each person.
  • Consultation rooms will be disinfected with either sanitiser or a mixture of bleach and water (as per Centre for Disease Control & Prevention recommendations) immediately upon conclusion of any consultation.


Notwithstanding that our offices are re-open we are always available on e-mail or via our website.

We thank you for your continued support, and we remain ready to assist you and to continue providing innovative legal solutions in these trying times.

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